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AABC is a voluntary, non-profit organization which welcomes as a member anyone interested in the education and support of bright/gifted and talented children.
  Our mission is to advance education by informing, advocating and supporting the education, social development, legal rights and general well-being of bright/gifted and talented children in Alberta.  
  This will be accomplished in collaboration with our partners in the education community. To do this is to benefit education in Alberta genarally as the parts make up the whole.  
  We fulfill these objectives by:
  • maintaining the AABC library materials for Albertans interested in learning more about of bright children;
  • establishing parent support groups;
  • participating with educators and governmental bodies in lectures, conferences, policy-making and research.


  AABC has an elected provincial executive which publishes the AABC newsletter, coordinates discussions with the provincial government and participates in the organization of the annual conference of the Society for the Advancement of Gifted Education, among other activities.  
The AABC bylaws provide for several membership categories: individual, local chapter, network group and independent Alberta association. Member groups respond primarily to local priorities through activities such as meeting with local school boards, providing adult education programs and children's activities, and appointing delegates to attend provincial executive meetings and the annual general meeting of AABC. Each member group negotiates its unique agreement with AABC by communicating in writing with the provincial Membership Secretary.

History of ABC in Canada  

The first Association for Bright Children in Canada began in Toronto, Ontario in 1974 as a non-profit advocacy group of educators and parents. In 1979, a group called Parents for the Education of the Gifted was organized in Calgary, Alberta in support of an identification and programming initiative of the Calgary Board of Education. Six months later, an Edmonton advocacy group formed a chapter of the Ontario ABC in response to dissatisfaction with the provisions for gifted children in the schools. Many similar chapters subsequently started up throughout Alberta and in 1983, AABC was incorporated as a provincial umbrella group. Today there are about 40 local chapters of Ontario ABC. Similar organizations exist in most provinces.
  In Alberta, in addition to the provincial executive, AABC chapters are active in Calgary and Edmonton and network groups operate in Cold Lake, Drumheller, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, and St. Albert.  

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